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BackHome was a magazine that was created in 1990 as a competitor to Mother Earth News after the latter was taken over by a major publisher (and then, ultimately, Ogden Publications). Richard Freudenberger is the co-founder of BackHome. Following the earlier, simpler, style of Mother Earth News, it became a strong competitor in the homesteading and simple living tutorial and instructional print market. The headquarters was in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

A reader mentioned, "My parents gave me a few years of BackHome as a christmas present, and I must admit I'm not that into it. The political views tend towards the Tea Party side of things, there's a lot of emphasis on canning as the apparently sole method of food preservation, and I dunno, a lot of articles written about what seem to be obvious things (to me). We haven't learned anything new, and with a lot of stuff we out right disagree -- Like the article on how and why you want to pasteurize milk from your own dairy animals. We were just like what? and NO!"


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